How to read an Excel file and process it line by line in a loop. Power Automate Desktop.


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This section introduces a flow that reads an Excel table and performs some action, one row at a time.

As an example, read the following table.

Overall flow

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Excel.LaunchExcel.LaunchAndOpenUnderExistingProcess Path: $'''C:\\Test\\Test.xlsx''' Visible: True ReadOnly: False Instance=> ExcelInstance
Excel.SetActiveWorksheet.ActivateWorksheetByName Instance: ExcelInstance Name: $'''Sheet1'''
Excel.ReadFromExcel.ReadAllCells Instance: ExcelInstance ReadAsText: False FirstLineIsHeader: True RangeValue=> ExcelData
Excel.CloseExcel.Close Instance: ExcelInstance
LOOP FOREACH CurrentItem IN ExcelData
    Display.ShowMessageDialog.ShowMessage Message: $'''%CurrentItem[0]%
%CurrentItem[2]%''' Icon: Display.Icon.None Buttons: Display.Buttons.OK DefaultButton: Display.DefaultButton.Button1 IsTopMost: False ButtonPressed=> ButtonPressed


Put in place "Launch Excel".

Launch Exceland open the following document
Document pathTarget file

Put in place "Set active Excel worksheet".

Specify the sheet to read.

Put in place "Read from Excel worksheet".

Excel instanceand open the following document
RetreiveAll available values from worksheet
First line of range contains column namesONOff if the first row of the table is not a heading but a data row.

Put in place "Close Excel".

Next put "For each" in place and set the "Value to iterate" to %ExcelData% (Variable produced by "Read from Excel worksheet").

Put in place an action in "For each" that runs one line at a time.

One row of data is stored in the %CurrentItem% variables produced.

If "Read from Excel worksheet" "First line of range contains column names" is ON, then the individual values are retrieved by item name as follows.


When "First line of range contains column names" is OFF, the values of individual columns are obtained by sequential numbering with the first digit as 0 as follows.
Even if "First line of range contains column names" is ON, the sequential numbering can be used.


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