How to get absolute values.(Power Automate Desktop)

Japanese version.

Here is how to get a number without the sign of a negative number.

Overall flow

Robin(for copy and paste)

It can be copied and pasted into Power Automate Desktop.

SET Num TO -5
IF Num < 0 THEN
    SET AbsoluteValue TO Num * -1


Prepare a variable for the numeric value for which you wish to obtain an absolute number.

The variable name is arbitrary, but in this example we use %Num%.

Put in place an "If".

First operand%Num%
OperatorLess than(<)
Second operand0

Put in place "Set Variables" in "If".

Value%Num * -1%

Run this flow will set the variables produced in "Set Variables" to the absolute value of %Num%.

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