How to judge even/odd numbers.(Power Automate Desktop)

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This section shows how to judge even and odd numbers.

Overall flow

Robin(for copy and paste)

It can be copied and pasted into Power Automate Desktop.

SET Num TO 5
IF Num = 0 THEN
    # %Num% is even.
    # %Num% is odd.


It uses the fact that when a number is divided by 2, if the remainder is 0, it is an even number, and if the remainder is 1, it is an odd number.

Put in place an "If" and an "Else".The "If" is set up as follows.

The name of the numerical variable to be judged is arbitrary, but it is assumed to be %Num%.

"mod" is an operator that performs division and obtains the remainder.

First operand%Num mod 2%
OperatorEqual to (=)
Second operand0

If the result of "If" is true, it is even; if false, it is odd.

If the "Second operand" is set to 1, then the even/odd decision is reversed.

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