URL encode/decode(Power Automate Desktop)

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Learn how to perform URL encoding or decoding in Power Automate Desktop.


Use "Run JavaScript".


Use "encodeURI" if you do not want to encode meaningful characters in URLs such as "/" and "?"
If you want to encode them as well, use "encodeURIComponent".

WScript.StdOut.Write( encodeURI("text") ); 
WScript.StdOut.Write( encodeURIComponent("text") );

Running example.

URLhttps://www.samurai-emblem.com/?test=abc _()


decodeURI if it does not decode characters that make sense as URLs, such as "/" or "?

Use "decodeURI" if you do not want to decode meaningful URL characters such as "/" and "?".
If you want to decode them as well, use "decodeURIComponent".

WScript.StdOut.Write( decodeURI("text") ); 
WScript.StdOut.Write( decodeURIComponent("text") );
decodeURIhttps%3A%2F%2Fwww.samurai-emblem.com%2F%3Ftest%3Dabc _()
decodeURIComponenthttps://www.samurai-emblem.com/?test=abc _()

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