Methods for round down, round up, and round off small number values.(Power Automate Desktop)

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This section shows how to round down, round up, and round off to the nearest whole number.


Use the "Run JavaScript" action.

Each JavaScript method used is a function that rounds decimal places to integers.

When rounding to the nearest whole number, multiply by a multiple of 10 before using the method, and divide the result back by the multiple of 10.

Round off

Use JavaScript's Math.round method.

WScript.StdOut.Write( Math.round(%Numric%) )

Round up/down

The following methods are used.

Math.ceilRound up.
Math.floorRound down.(Negative numbers will be the smaller integer)
Math.truncRound down.(Negative numbers will be the larger integer)
WScript.StdOut.Write( Math.ceil(%Numric%) ) 
WScript.StdOut.Write( Math.floor(%Numric%) ) 
WScript.StdOut.Write( Math.trunc(%Numric%) )

Both floor and trunc are truncated, but the results are different for negative numbers.


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