How to put today's date in a folder name or file name.(Power Automate Desktop)


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Learn how to put today's date in folder and file names.


First, put in place "Get current date and time".

Next, put in place "Convert datetime to text".

Datetime to convert%CurrentDateTime
Format to useCustom
Custom FormatSpecify the format of the date and time to be included in the folder name.

Finally, put in place an action that manipulates the folder name.

The parameter folder name should include %FormattedDateTime%, the variables produced by "Convert datetime to text".


The last action in the same procedure as the folder name, file by changing the last action to an action that manipulates the file.

Apart from that, "Rename file(s)" can be used to achieve this with fewer actions.

File to renameTarget file.
Rename schemaAdd datetime
Use custom datetimeOFF
Datetime to addCurrent datetime
Add datetimeSelect from the following.
- Before name…Add date and time before the file name.
- After name…Add date and time between the file name and file extension.
SeparatorSelect from the following.
- Nothing
- Space
- Dash
- Period
- Underscore
Datetime formatSpecifies the format of the date and time.
The default format, yyyyMMdd, is year, month, and day.
If file existsSelect the behavior ("Do nothing" or "Overwrite") when the move destination has the same file name.

This action allows you to include the day's date in the file name.

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