How to get the last row and last column of an Excel book.(Power Automate Desktop)


Japanese version.

Introduce how to get the last row and column where a value exists in an Excel book.

Flow creation steps

Set up an Excel Launch Action.

Launch Exceland open the following document
Document pathThe path of the Excel book for which you want to examine the last row and last column.
Make instance visibleOFF

Set up an Set active Excel worksheet Action and specify the sheet to search for the last row and column.

Set up an Get first free column/row from Excel worksheet Action.

In the Variables produced by this action, The first empty row and column are stored in the %FirstFreeColumn% and %FirstFreeRow% Variables produced by this action.
If this number is set to -1, it will be the last row/column.
The last row may not be the last row if it is hidden by an Excel filter. The target filter must be deactivated.

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