Write to Excel worksheet Action(Power Automate Desktop)


Japanese version.

An action that sets a value to a specified cell or range of cells.

How to use.

First, place Launch Excel Action or Attach into running Excel and specify the Excel file to which you want to write the data.
Then, from Excel, drag Write to Excel worksheet to the workspace.

Set parameters.

The edited contents will not be reflected in the file as is.
If you wish to keep the edited content, you must save it using Save Excel Action or Close Excel Action at the end.


Excel instance

Specify the Excel file to write data to.

Specify the Variables produced for the Launch Excel Action or the Attach to running Excel Action.

Value to write

Specifies the value to be written.

Fixed values, variables, formulas, List, and Data table can be specified.
In the case of a list or Data table, it is written in the range from the starting cell.
For Data table, column names are not written by themselves.
If column names are required, the ColumnHeadersRow is also written.

Write mode

Specify the cell to be written.

On specified cell

Specify additional columns and rows.
Specifying 1 for both column and row will result in cell A1.

Columns and rows are specified for the active sheet.
In the case of a file with multiple sheets, it is not clear which sheet is active.
it is unknown which sheet is active.
Therefore, it is recommended to specify the sheet in the Set active Excel worksheet Action.

If you want to write data in the last row or column of a table, you can also use Get first free column/row from Excel worksheet Action.

On currently active cell

Writes in the selected cell's value.

Variables produced

Not present in this action.

On error

Error handling is performed as needed.

Failed to retrieve first free column/row

This is an error when writing fails due to incorrect cell specification, etc.



Excel Actions.

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