Save Excel Action(Power Automate Desktop)


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Save Excel is an Action that saves changes to a file.

Close Excel Action also saves to a file, but this action leaves the Excel file open after saving.
This means that you may want to save the file in case of errors during the process, or if you want to keep the file visible after saving.

How to use

First, open an Excel file by Launch Excel Action or Attach to running Excel Action, make some edits, and then drag Save Excel Action from Excel to the Workspace.

Set parameters.


Excel instance

Specify the Excel file to save.

Specify the variables generated by Launch Excel Action and Attach to running Excel Action in this field.

Save mode

ドキュメントを保存Does not specify where and in what format to save.
名前を付けてドキュメントを保存Specify the save location and format.

Document format

Specify the file saving format only when Save mode is Save document as.
In most cases, specify Default (From extension).

Document path

Only if the Save mode is Save document as. Specify the location of the file in any of the following ways

When specifying variables, the main case would be for the tool user to select a file using the Display select file dialog Action.

If there is a possibility that the specified file does not exist, it is recommended to check its exist beforehand.

Variables produced

Not present in this action.

On Error

Error handling is performed as needed.

Failed to save Excel document

No write permission for the saved file or destination directory, etc.
This is an error when a file fails to be saved.



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