Attach to running Excel Action(Power Automate Desktop)


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This action is to use a Excel book that is already open in Excel.

Launch Excel Action is a similar action for using an unopened Excel book.

Attach to running Excel is used to manipulate an Excel book that has been left open or
Excel book that has been opened by another mechanism.

How to use.

Drag Attach to running Excel from Excel onto the Workspace.

Set parameter.

This action will cause an error if it targets an Excel book that is in a closed state.

Also, while Launch Excel allowed for options such as read-only,
This action is dependent on the state of the book since it is already open. Therefore, there are no options available.


Document name

Specify the file to be opened in one of the following ways

When specifying variables, Display select file dialog Action is used. The main case would be for the tool user to select a file.

Variables produced


This variable is used to specify the Excel book opened in the subsequent action.

Basically, you can leave it as is, but if you have multiple books open, change the name to indicate what kind of book it is.

On error

Error handling is performed as needed.

Specified Excel document not found

Error when the specified file does not exist.

Failed to attach to Excel document

This is an error when the specified file is in a format that cannot be opened in Excel, for example.

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