Grant access to an item or a folder Action in SharePoint Connector

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This action sets the URL and access permissions to files and list items in SharePoint for sharing.

How to use

Select the "SharePoint" connector when adding steps to the flow.

Select "Grant access to an item or a folder" from the "Actions" menu.

Set parameters.


Site Address

Specify the SharePoint group in which the target to be shared resides.

List or Library Name

If the target for sharing is a file, select Documents.

If the item to be shared is a list item, select the name of the list to which the item belongs.


Specify a unique identifier for the listing item or file.

In many cases, specify dynamic content, as it is not selectable on PowerAutomate.

In the case of files, use the dynamic content of the following actions and triggers

For list items, use the dynamic content of the following actions and triggers


Specify the email addresses to be shared.

If there are multiple email addresses, specify them one by one or join them with ";".


Select the type of sharing.

  • Can edit…Editable.
  • Can view…Read only.


Specify the body of the notification message.

Set only when "Notify Recipients" is set to "Yes".

Notify Recipients

If "Yes", an email notification is sent to the "Recipient" with the URL for sharing and the content specified in the "Message".



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