Extract data from window Action(Power Automate Desktop)

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This action retrieves data from a table (DataGrid) or list (List) in a Windows application.

The result will be a List, Data table, or Excel format.

How to use

From "Actions", "UI Automation", "Data extraction", Drag "Extract data from window".

Set parameters.



Specifies the UI element for which information is to be retrieved.

The following pops up when you click on the input field.

If you have already registered a UI element, select the object,If not registered, click the "Add UI element" button.

Hover the mouse over the menu item you wish to select when the next window appears.

When you hover the mouse over it, it will be surrounded by a red frame.

Then hold down the Ctrl key and click.

The input field should appear as shown in the following figure (the text will vary depending on the UI element you have selected).

Store extracted data in

Specify how you would like to receive the retrieved results.

  • an Excel spreadsheet
  • A variable

Variables produced

The specified information is stored. The variable to be generated will change depending on the selection of the "Store extracted data in".


If "an Excel spreadsheet" is specified for "Store extracted data in", it will be "ExcelInstance".

In this case, Excel will be opened as a new file. Then, use "Read from Excel worksheet" to read the values or "Close Excel" to save them as a file.


If "A variable" is specified for "Store extracted data in", then "DataFromWindow" is used.

"List" receives the data as a List and "DataGrid" receives the data as a Data table.

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