If window Action(Power Automate Desktop)

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This action is a companion to the "If" action and branches processing based on the status of the target window.

Window statuses include "open/closed" and "focused/not focused.

How to use

Drag "If window" from "UI automation" under "Actions".

Set parameters.

After setting the parameters, place an action between "If window" and "End" that will be executed if the condition is met (becomes True).


Get window

Select how you want to specify the window.

  • By window UI element
  • By window instance/handle
  • Per title and/or class
By window UI element

Directly specifies the UI element of the window.

The following pops up when you click on the input field.

If you have already registered a UI element, select the object,If not registered, click the "Add UI element" button.

Hover the mouse over the menu item you wish to select when the next window appears.

When you hover the mouse over it, it will be surrounded by a red frame.

Then hold down the Ctrl key and click.

The input field should appear as shown in the following figure (the text will vary depending on the UI element you have selected).

By window instance/handle

Specifies the window instance created by the "Get window" action.

Per title and/or class

Specify the title and class.

It can be found in the selector of the UI element, but due to its difficulty, other options are recommended whenever possible.

Check if the window

Select which condition to treat as True.

  • Is open
  • Isn't open
  • Is focused
  • Isn't focused
Notes on "Is focused"

When the flow is executed, Power Automate Desktop has the focus. Therefore, it targets the window that has been focused by the "Focus window" action or other actions.

Focus when no window is open

When a window is not open, it is treated as "Isn't focused". That is, False for "Is focused" and True for "Isn't focused".


By placing "Else" under "Condition," it is possible to set the action to be taken in the case of false.

If "Else" is used, the condition should be "Is open" or "Is focused". If you use "Else" with "Isn't open" or "Isn't focused","Else" becomes a double negative, which makes the flow difficult to understand.

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