When an event is added, updated or deleted Trigger in Office 365 Outlook Connector.

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Trigger to launch "Automated cloud flow" when an event in the Office 365 Outlook calendar is manipulated (added, updated, deleted).

There are stand-alone triggers for add and update events, but only this trigger for delete.

How to use

Click on "Create" then "Automated cloud flow".

Specify any name for "Flow name" and select "When an event is added, updated or deleted".

When both are specified, "Create" will change color and click on it.

Set parameters.

Here you specify the conditions for detection.

Determining the type of operation

The dynamic content "Action Type" can determine which operation triggered the trigger.

The "Action Type" will have the following value.

  • added
  • updated
  • deleted

Use "Condition" actions when the action to be performed differs depending on the operation.


Triggers are also triggered when events are changed in the PowerAutomate action.

Depending on the flow configuration, triggers may be triggered indefinitely.

To prevent this, consider the following flows

  • Do not manipulate events within triggers.
  • Set trigger conditions to control triggers.


Calendar id

Select the calendar for the trigger.

Dynamic contents

The dynamic content available in the subsequent steps is as follows.

Mainly retrieves information about the target event.

The following is a selection of the most practical.


Event identifier.

Required for event manipulation in other actions.

It is used in the following actions.

Updat event

Delete event


Retrieve the title of the event.

Start time,End time

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Adjust as necessary.

Time zone

Retrieve the set time zone for the event.

Required attendees,Optional attendees,Resource attendees

Retrieve email addresses.


Retrieve the event body.


Retrieve the importance level.

  • low
  • normal
  • high

Is all day event?

  • True…All-day event.
  • False…Not an all-day event.


Retrieve the frequency of repetition.

  • none
  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly
  • yearly

Recurrence end date

Retrieve the end date of the repetition.

For September 15, 2020, get "2020-09-15".

Number of occurrences

Retrieve the number of times to repeat.


Retrieve how many minutes prior to the start of the program you want to notify.

Is reminder on

  • True…Notification is performed.
  • False…No notification.

Show as

Retrieve the display of appointments.

  • free
  • tentative
  • busy
  • oof
  • workingElsewhere
  • unknown

If it is your own schedule, it will not be unknown.

Response requested

Retrieve whether a response is desired when an event is accepted or rejected.

  • True
  • False

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