Condition in Control Connector(Power Automate Cloud flows)


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The action to be performed is branched according to whether or not the condition is met.

It works like the IF function in Excel.

While "Condition" is a "Yes" or "No" choice, "Switch" handles branches with three or more choices.

How to use

Select the "Control" connector when adding steps to the flow.

Select "Condition" from the "Action" menu.

A "condition" will be added.

This action consists of three parts: "Condition", "If yes", and "If no".

In the "If yes" case, the action to be taken if the "condition" is correct.

In the "If no" column, the action to be taken if the "Condition" is not correct.

The "Condition" specifies the condition of judgment, but first, the value to be judged is set.

In most cases, dynamic content is specified on the left side.

Next, set the value on the right side. This can be some dynamic content or a fixed value.

It may be a boolean value such as true or false.

Finally, select the central comparison logic.

Comparison logic is not appropriate for every type of value.

Large and small comparisons. It is mainly used for numbers and dates.

For strings, it is rarely used because it is a character code comparison.

Logic in red is logical negation.

They are deprecated because using them causes a double negative in the "If no", which is complicated.

If you want to use logical negation, use the logic of affirmation and use "If no".

Comparison logicTypeText/DatetimeBooleanNumeric
containsPartial match
does not containPartial match
is equal toExact match
is not equal toExact match
is greater thanComparison of large and small
is greater than or equal toComparison of large and small
is less thanComparison of large and small
is less than or equal toComparison of large and small
starts withPartial match
does not starts withPartial match
end withPartial match
does not end withPartial match

Then, in the "Add" section below, you can add conditions. There are two types of additions: adding rows and adding groups.

"And" is "Yes" if all of the conditions connected by the blue ruled lines are true.

"Or" is "Yes" if one or more of the conditions are true.

"Add group" creates a condition in the lower level.

Avoid heavy use of groups whenever possible, as this can complicate things.

Click the arrows to zoom in and out of the group view.

A button for zooming out while the group is zoom in.
A button for zooming in while the group is zoom out.

Clicking the "…" button on a condition allows the condition to be deleted, moved, or ungrouped (placed in the same row as one level above).

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