When an email is flagged Trigger in Office 365 Outlook Connector.(Power Automate Cloud flows)


Japanese version.

Trigger to launch an automated cloud flow when an email is flagged.

The flag can be set in either the web browser or the application.

How to use

Click on "Create" then "Automated cloud flow".

Specify any name for "Flow name" and select "When an email is flagged".

When both are specified, "Create" will change color and click on it.

Set parameters.

Here you specify the conditions for detection.

When a subsequent action is set and saved for this flow, the trigger is triggered by setting a flag on the email.

If multiple emails are flagged at the same time, the flow will be activated for each email.

There is a time lag of about 5 minutes at the longest for triggering.

This trigger is launched also if the flag is set in "Flag email".



Specify the mail folder for the trigger.

To, CC, To or CC, From

Specify the email address for the trigger.

Include Attachments

Specify whether only emails with attachments are subject for the trigger.

Subject Filter

Specify the mail subject (partial match) for the trigger.


Specify the importance for the trigger.

  • Any
  • Low
  • Normal
  • High

Only with Attachments

Specify whether the contents of the attachment will be used in subsequent steps.

Dynamic contents

The dynamic content available in the subsequent steps is as follows.

Mainly retrieves information about the target mail for step.

The following is a selection of the most practical.

Message Id

Unique identifier of the mail. Used if a subsequent action will perform some operation on the target mail.

The following is a selection of the most practical.

It is used in the following actions.

From, To, CC, BCC

Their respective email addresses.

Subject, Body

The text information of the email.

Example of saving to file.


Level of importance of the e-mail.

  • Low
  • Normal
  • High

Attachments Name, Attachments Content

The information of the attached file.

The file is in an Array Requires an "Apply to each" to retrieve it.

Example of saving to file.


Boolean information on whether it is an HTML email.

  • HTML email:true
  • Text email:false



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