Reply to email Action in Office365 Outlook Connector.(Power Automate Cloud flows)


Japanese version.

This action that replies to a specified email in Outlook, It works like a mailer auto-responder.

How to use

Select the "Office 365 Outlook" connector when adding steps to the flow.

Select "Reply to email" from the "Actions" menu.

Set parameters.


Message Id

Specify the ID of the target e-mail.

Specify the "Id" which is the dynamic content of other actions and triggers.

Triggers with message Id as dynamic content.

Actions with message "Id" as dynamic content.


Specify the body of the e-mail.
If you want to insert line breaks in the variable, you need to specify

Reply All

  • Yes: Include CC in the reply-to address.
  • No or omit: Include only From as a reply recipient.

Attachments Name

Specify the name of the attached file. Multiple file names can be specified.

Attachments Content

Specifies the content of the attached file.

"File Content" for the dynamic content of file-related actions.
Multiple file names can be specified.


Specify the e-mail address to be sent to.


If specified, the reply will be sent with a fixed subject line.

If omitted, "RE:" will be added to the beginning of the original subject.


Specify the level of importance of the e-mail.

If omitted, it will be "Low".

  • Low
  • Normal
  • High



Offce365 Outlook Connector

Examples of Use

How to send an email.