Run script in Excel Connector(Power Automate Cloud flows)

Japanese verison.

This action executes an Office scripts stored in Excel.

Office Scripts is an Excel automation tool similar to Macro (VBA).

It is a programming language with a syntax similar to JavaScript and can record operations like Macro (VBA).

How to use

Select the "Excel Online (Business)" connector when adding steps to the flow.

Select the "Run script" from the "Action" menu.

Set Parameters.



A list of OneDrive and SharePoint to which you can connect will be displayed.

From among them, select the location where the script to be executed is located.

Document Library

For OneDrive, select "OneDrive"; for SharePoint, select "Document".


Select a file.

It looks like a file path, but it is only a display and the content is an ID.

If you delete the specified file and then create a file with the same name,

it will be treated as a different file. (Reassignment is required.)


Select a script to run.

This list will enumerate the scripts that can be executed.

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Excel Online (Business) Connector(Power Automate Cloud flows)