Find files in folder Action in OneDrive For Business Connector.(Power Automate Cloud flows)

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This action searches for folders and files in the specified folder and retrieves a list of information.

How to use

Select the "OneDrive For Business" connector when adding steps to the flow.

Select "Find files in folder" from the "Actions" menu.

Set parameters.


Search Query

Specify the string to be searched.


Specify the ID of the folder stored in OneDrive.

When selected, it looks like a folder path, but it is only a display and the substance is an ID.

If you delete the specified folder and then create a file with the same name, it will be treated as a different folder.
In such a case, an error will occur that the folder does not exist, so it must be re-specified in the flow.

File Search Mode

Select a search method.

  • Pattern…Pattern search using regular expressions
  • OneDriveSearch…Normal search of OneDrive

Pattern" performs pattern searches using regular expressions.

The following regular expressions are typical examples.

.Any 1 character.
+Repeat the immediately preceding character one or more times.
*Repeat the immediately preceding character zero or more times.

For example, specifying ". *xlsx" will make all Excel files the search results.

Number of files to return

Specify the maximum number of search results (up to 100).

Dynamic contents

Get files and folders information as an array.

Its use requires "Apply to each".

Specify a dynamic content "Body" in "Select an output from previous steps".

This will cause the action specified in "Apply to each" to be repeated for all files and directories stored.

Typical items that can be retrieved for files and folders subject to repetition are as follows.


File identifier.


File name.


Full path of the file.

Last modified time

Last update.

Last modified by

Last updated by user name.


Bytes in file.

Media type

MINE type of file.

Is folder?

True if it is a folder; False if it is not a folder.

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