Get details of element on web page Action(Power Automate Desktop)

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Get text and other information in a Web page.

  • Text
  • Tooltip text
  • Image URL
  • Linked URL
  • Existence or non-existence

This action targets browsers launched with the following actions.

How to use

First, open the page for which you want to retrieve information.

Then, under "Browser automation" and "Web data extraction", drag "Get details of element on web page" and place it below the browser launch action.

Set parameters.


Web browser instance

Specify the target browser (Variables produced by the startup action).

The target Web page must be displayed in the specified browser at the time this action is executed.

UI element

Specify the target HTML element.

Click on the input field and the following pops up.

If the UI element is already registered, select the target, If not, click the "Add UI element" button.

Hover the mouse over the target when the following window appears.

When you hover the mouse over it, it will be surrounded by a red frame.

Then hold down the Ctrl key and click.

The input field should appear as shown in the following figure (the text will vary depending on the UI item selected).

Attribute name

Own TextGet the displayed text.
TitleGet the content of the Title attribute (tooltip that appears when the mouse is hovered over it).
Source LinkGet the src attribute (URL of the image to be displayed) and other attributes of the image (IMG tag).
HRefGet the href attribute (URL of the link destination), etc., of the action (A tag).
ExistsGet whether the HTML element exists.
- Exists...true.
- Not exist...false.
DisabledGets whether the HTML element is disabled.
- Disabled...true.
- Enabled...false.

Variables produced


The retrieved value is stored.

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