Get Active Excel worksheet Action(Power Automate Desktop)


Japanese version.

"Get Active Excel Worksheet" is an action that retrieves the sheet name and index of the currently selected sheet.

How to use

First, specify the Excel file whose data you want to read in the Launch Excel Action or the Attach to Running Excel Action, then drag the Get Active Excel worksheet Action from Excel onto the workspace.

Set parameters.


Excel instance

Specify the Variables produced for the Launch Excel Action or the Attach to running Excel Action.

Variables produced

SheetName and SheetIndex

"SheetName" is set to the name of the active sheet, and "SheetIndex" is set to the index of the active sheet (sequential number with the leftmost number as 1).

On error

Error handling is performed as needed.

Failed to retrieve acitive workseet

An error occurs if the retrieval of active sheet information fails, for example, if an Excel worksheet is inaccessible.



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