TIME function. Get time (serial value) by specifying hour, minute, and second.(Microsoft Excel)

Japanese version.

Get time (serial value) by specifying hour, minute, and second.

If you simply want to enter a time, it is easier to do cell entry in date format.

This TIME function is used to generate dates (serial values) in formulas and to perform calculations for hour and minute, day.

How it works


HourRequired argument.Numbers from 0 to 23.
MinuteRequired argument.Numbers from 0 to 59.
SecondRequired argument.Numbers from 0 to 59.

Example Results

Arguments and execution results.

If you specify a negative number, you will get a #NUM! error.
If a number greater than the limit is specified, it will be truncated, leaving the remainder.

If a non-numeric value such as a letter is specified, a #VALUE error is returned.

Since serial values are expressed as an integer for dates and decimals for hours, minutes, and seconds, a simple addition of a date and time will result in a date/time data.


If you specify the argument "Hour" or "Minute" or "Second" the cell range, it will be Spil.



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