INDIRECT function.Specify a cell address as a string and get the value of that cell.(Microsoft Excel)


Japanese version.

Specify a cell address as a string and get the value of that cell.

By itself, this function is no different than an ordinary cell specification.
It can be combined with other functions to great effect.

How it works

Ref_textRequired argument.Specify a cell address as a string. Can also be a cell range name.
A1TRUESpecify the address format of the "Ref_text" by boolean value.
TRUE:A1 format.
FALSE:R1C1 format.

Example Results

Cell B2 is the same as specifying a cell normally; an absolute reference is better than an INDIRECT function.

Cell B3 specifies a cell with a cell address. Examples of Valid Uses

Cell B4 computes the cell address. Example of valid use.

When calculating cell addresses, the R1C1 designation is better without converting to alphabetic characters.

If you want to include formulas in the column designation as well, use the R1C1 format.



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