Find and replace words in Word document Action

Japanese version.

Find and replace text in a Word document.

How to use

Drag Find and replace words in Word document onto the workspace.

Set Parameters.


Word Instance

Specify the target Word file.

Specify the variable generated by "Launch Word" or "Attach to running Word" for this parameter.

All matches

If ON, replace all matching text.

When OFF, replaces only the first matched text.

Text to find / Text to replace with

Specify text before and after replacement.

Use wildcards

Turn ON to enable wildcards (*, ?, etc.) in the "Text to find". etc.) to be enabled, turn ON.

Match case

If ON, "Text to find" is case sensitive.

Match whole words only

If ON, replace only if there is an exact match on a word-for-word basis.

For example, there is a difference as follows.

The following is an example where "text to search" is "bc". The part in red is the replacement target.

ONabcd bc
OFFabcd bc

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