Insert image in Word document Action(Power Automate Desktop)

Japanese version.

This action inserts an image into a Word document.

The image to be inserted can be obtained from a file or from the clipboard.

How to use

Drag Insert image in Word document from Word onto the workspace.

Set Parameters.


Word Instance

Specify the target Word file.

Specify the variable generated by "Launch Word" or "Attach to running Word" for this parameter.

Write text to

Sets the position of insertion.

  • Beginning of Word file
  • End of Word file
  • Before bookmark
  • After bookmark
  • Before specific text
  • After specific text

If "Before Bookmark" or "After Bookmark" is selected, an additional bookmark name is specified.

In the case of "Before specified text" and "After specified text," specify additional "Text to find".

If there is more than one "Text to find" in the Word document, all of them will be searched.

Insert image from

Specifies how to retrieve images to be inserted.


Insert from file, specifying an additional "Image path".


Inserts an image from the clipboard. There are no additional items to specify.

On Error

Error handling is performed as needed.

Detects writing failures to Word documents.

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