Insert row in Google Sheets Connector(Power Automate Cloud flows)


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This action adds rows to Google Sheets.

How to use

The target Google Sheets file must have an header line at the top.

Select the "Google Sheets" connector when adding steps to the flow.

Select the "Insert row" from the "Action" menu.

Set Parameters.

When "File" and "Worksheet" are selected, the first row is read and an item column is added.

Set the value you wish to add to that field.

A row is added when this flow is executed.

Note that the row retrieved by this action will have the column "__PowerAppsId__" added to the far right.

This column is an ID set for each row to be handled by PowerAutomate in the column that is forced to be added to the right side if it does not exist in the sheet.
(Once deleted, a different ID will be assigned.)

This field is required when specifying row ID in "Get row", "Delete row", and "Update row".

If empty when executing "Insert row" or "Get rows", a random string will automatically be set.

You can also create your own "__PowerAppsId__" column and set any ID.

When dynamic content is specified for a file or sheet

In some cases, such as when a sheet is retrieved from "Get sheets", dynamic content may be specified for a file or sheet.

In this case, the worksheet is specified from "Enter custom value".

In this case, the entry field is not displayed because the item is not finalized.

Instead, a "Row" field is displayed.

Here, one line of data is specified in JSON format.

Although there are many specifications for JSON, the items required here are as follows.

  • Enclose the whole with {}.
  • Describe a single cell in the format item name:data. Enclose the item name and data in ".
  • Separate cells with a , between cells (the last item is not necessary).
Example of a line to be added.
{"No": "5","Name": "E","Qty": "100"}

Dynamic content

The dynamic content available in the subsequent steps is the added items.

This allows you to retrieve the automatically added __PowerAppsId__.

If you specify by JSON in the "Row" field, it will not appear in dynamic content.

In this case, use an expression. (Red text indicates areas that need to be changed.)

outputs('Action name')?['body/Field name']

The action and item names need to be changed and if there are spaces, they need to be changed to _.

For example, to use "__PowerAppsId__", specify the following.




Google Sheets Connector(Power Automate Cloud flows)