Send me an email notification in Notifications Connector(Power Automate Cloud flows)


Japanese version.

This action sends an e-mail to the login ID (e-mail address).

Since it is not possible to specify the destination or attached files, it is used for limited purposes such as notifying developers of flow completion or anomalies.

However, since there are many limitations as an e-mail function, the following functions are easier to use for practical purposes.

How to use

Select the "Notifications" connector when adding steps to the flow.

Select the "Send me an email notification" from the "Action" menu.

Set Parameters.

SubjectSpecify the title of the e-mail to be sent.
BodySpecify the body of the e-mail to be sent.

From "" when this flow is executed,

An email will be sent to the email address where you are logged into "Microsoft365 (Power Automate)".



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