Get Windows environment variable Action(Power Automate Desktop)

Japanese version.

This action retrieves the value (content) of an environment variable.

Environment variables are used infrequently by non-engineers, It is only used when the application that uses it specifies some kind of value.

How to use

Drag "Get Windows environment variable" under "System".

Set parameters.


Environment variable name

Specify the name of the target environment variable. (A variable name that does not exist will result in an error.)

You can also type in the name of the environment variable, but you will see a list of environment variables that you can access, so selecting one of them will save you a lot of work.

Search for variable only in scope

If ON, specifies whether environment variables are user-specific or common to all users (system).

When OFF, searches environment variables from both user/system.

Variables produced


Obtains the value (content) of the specified environment variable in text.

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