Label / Go to(Power Automate Desktop)

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An action that moves to an arbitrary position in the flow.
This is similar to "go to," which is considered harmful in programming languages.
It is not present in recent programming languages because it makes the code more complex and prone to many defects.

Power Automate Desktop also has the same disadvantages, so use "Condition","Loop","Exception handling" and "Subflow" whenever possible.

How to use

First, set up a "label" at the move destination and set a label name.

The "Label" is dragged from the "Flow control" in the "Action" menu.

In the following example, the label is named "LabelA".

Next, from "Flow Control" in "Action" menu Next, in the "Flow control" under "Action," drag "Go to" to set the label name of the destination.

In the following example, we move from the 2nd step to the 4th step (LabelA).

The third step is ignored.

This is an easy way to change the flow of actions, but if it becomes intricate, the flow becomes very difficult to understand.

The following flow is an extreme but intricate example.
The "Go to" can easily be made to look like this.

"Go to" can also be used to go backwards.

The numbers in red are the order of execution of the flows.

In the next example, the move from the third step to the first step is continued indefinitely.

Such an infinite loop can easily be created in a way that is difficult to notice.

This is such a problematic function that programming languages do not use it.

Instead, use the functions corresponding to "Condition","Loop","Exception handling" and "Subflow".

In Power Automate Desktop as well, we should avoid using these functions as much as possible.

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