Comment(Power Automate Desktop)


Japanese version.

Comments are a function to insert notes that do not affect the flow operation.

How to use

Drag "Comment" from "Flow control" onto the Workspace.

Write your notes in the comment field and click the Save button.

Situations where comments are effective

Comments are highly effective when placed in places where it is difficult to understand the intent just by looking at the action.

Typical situations include the following

UI operation targets

For example, when operating a browser or UI item, the target of the operation may not be clear.

In particular, there are many cases where it is unclear what the UI item of the browser is, even if the selector is displayed.

In these cases, it is effective to supplement the information with a comment.

Loop and IF conditions

Loop and IF conditions are sometimes difficult to understand the intent of the action only by displaying the action,

It is highly effective to include a comment at the top.




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