Recorder(Power Automate Desktop)


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The recorder is a function similar to Excel's "Macro Recorder" that records mouse clicks, keyboard input, application launches, and other operations and reflects them in the flow.

How to use

Power Automate Desktop requires the installation of extensions before you can operate the browser.

After installation is complete, go to Tools and select Recorder or click on the Recording button, Recorder from "Tools" or click on the Recording button to launch it.

Click "Record" to perform the operation you wish to record.

To record your browser, click the "…" button on the right side and Select the browser you wish to use.

A new browser will open when you select it, Enter the URL and follow the instructions.

When the mouse is over the object, the object to be recorded is highlighted in red.

Clicking the mouse or typing a key at this point will record the action.

Simple mouse actions are the main focus, but right-clicking

Special actions such as extracting values and taking screenshots can also be recorded.

Click "Done" when you are finished.

If you want to pause an operation that you do not want to record, click "Pause", If you want to redo the recording, click "Reset".

The recorded actions are then added to the flow.

Because it is often difficult to create a tool using only recordings,
It is realistic to try the recording function as if you were looking for parts each time you don't know how to do it.
This may reveal that it is not possible to realize the method in the first place.
Also, if there is a series of mouse or keyboard operations, it is more efficient to use the recorder than to install individual actions. Recorder is more efficient than installing individual actions.

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