or. Logical.(Power Automate Cloud flows)

Japanese version.

Specify multiple logical functions, boolean variables, or boolean values as arguments.

If any one of them is True, the result of the function is True.

Only if all of them are False, the result of the function will be False.


or('<expression1>','<expression2>' ~ '<expressionN>')
expressionNRequired fieldTwo or more Boolean variables to be judged or
logical function.

How to use

Often used in "Condition".

It is frequently used among the "value" in "Initialize variable" or "Set variable" of Type "Boolean".

Click on the "Expressions" tab, or, and the function name and () will be set in the formula field.

Specify two or more logical functions, Boolean values, or Boolean variables in it.

If you want to use dynamic contents or variables, specify them specially.

(How to get dynamic content with an expression)

If you see something like the following, your settings are complete.

Click on the purple icon to change the function.



Logical Functions