isFloat function.(Power Automate Cloud flows)

Japanese version.

Checks if the text is in Float or Integer format.

In the official help it belongs to the String function, but in the PowerAutomate screen it belongs to the Logical function.


isFloat('<string>', '<locale>')
stringRequired fieldTarget text.
localeInvariant cultureLocale for determination.

How to use

In actions it is often used in "Condition".

It is also used to initialize or set variables of type Boolean.

Clicking on isFloat in the "Expression" tab sets the function name and () in the formula field.

When dynamic content or variables are used as arguments, special settings are made.

(How to get dynamic content with expressions.)

If you see something like the following, your settings are complete.

You can change the contents of the function by clicking on the purple icon.

For example, isFloat('10.5') will result in true because of decimals.

As far as we have verified, the results are as follows.

There are cases of unintended results because of the existence of ambiguous judgment results.

isFloat('10')trueIntegers are also true.
isFloat('10,5')trueComma judgments are not good.
isFloat('100,0,00,5')trueComma judgments are not good.
isFloat('100.000.5')falseMore than one period is present.
isFloat('1.000,5')falseMainly German form.
isFloat('100 000,5')falseMainly French format.

The second argument sets the locale.

By default, the format is mainly English-speaking, with digits separated by "," and decimal points by "." for the decimal point.

In most cases, this is fine, but there are many countries that have a different format, such as Germany, France, Russia, and Switzerland, for example.

To handle such country notations, set the locale as the second argument.

For example, set 'fr-FR' for French format.

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