Find text position in Text Functions Connector(Power Automate Cloud flows)


Japanese version.

Similar to indexOf(), this action searches for the starting position of the specified text.

This function is similar to Excel's FIND function.

The retrieved starting position is frequently used as follows.

  • Text editing.
  • Determining whether the text exists or not.

How to use

Select the "Text Functions" connector when adding steps to the flow.

Select the "Find text position" from the "Action" menu.

Set Parameters.

Gets the location of the "Search text" from within "Text".

Dynamic Content

The dynamic content available in the subsequent steps is "Text Position".

If the "search text" is found at the beginning, it is set to 0. If it is not found, it is set to -1.

If there are multiple matches, the first (left-most) match is retrieved.

For alphabetic characters, lower-case and uppercase are not distinguished.

To determine if text is present or not, create the following flow

The conditions are "Text Position","is greater than or equal to" and "0".

Then "If yes" will be the flow when the text exists, and "If no" will be the flow when the text does not exist.

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Text Functions Connector(Power Automate Cloud flows)