Extract archive to folder in Google Drive Connector(Power Automate Cloud flows)

Japanese version.

This action unzips a Zip file stored in Google Drive.

How to use

Select the "Google Drive" connector when adding steps to the flow.

Select "Extract archive to folder" from the "Actions" menu.

Set parameters.


Source archive file path

Specify the Zip file to unzip.

For example, to save "test.zip" under the "Work" folder under "My Drive", "/Work/test.zip".

The file size of the archive is 50 Mb bytes,The number of stored files is limited to 100.

Destination folder path

Specify a folder to save the decompression results.

For example, to save "Work" folder under "My Drive", "/Work/".


Select "Yes" to expand in a folder that already exists, or "No" to expand in a folder that does not exist.


If a destination folder path exists, it will be extracted to the path.


If the destination folder path exists, an error occurs.
If it does not exist, a folder is created and decompressed.

Dynamic content

If "Apply to each" is specified as the "body" of dynamic content, the step is repeated for all files and folders in the expanded result.

In "Apply to each", specify the action to be repeated in the file/folder.

In this section, additional information about the file is available as dynamic content for each repeated file.

IdTextIdentifier of the file/folder.
NameTextFile and folder names.
PathTextFull path.
It is difficult to use as is, so string manipulation is often required.
MediaTypeTextMINE type of file.
LastModifiedByTextUser name of the last updater.
LastModifiedText(Datetime)Last updated.
SizeNumberThe number of bytes in the file.

Only additional information can be obtained.

If you need the file content, which is the content of the file, use the "Get file content using id" action to get it.



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