Wait for mouse Action(Power Automate Desktop)

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An action that waits for the flow to be conditioned on the mouse returning to a specified state or vice versa.

This is an action that may be used in this situation.

  • Waiting for the application to complete processing (the icon returns from the waiting state)
  • Wait for the user to move the mouse to a location where text can be entered, etc.

How to use

Drag "Wait for mouse" from "Send Mouse Click" under "Actions".

Set parameters.


Wait for mouse pointer to

Selects a condition.

Set valueDescription
BecomeWait until it changes to "Mouse pointer" described below.
Become notWait until it changes from "Mouse pointer" described below.

Mouse pointer

Selects the mouse state (cursor) to be conditioned.

You can check which cursor in the Windows mouse properties.

Set valueMouse Properties
ArrowNormal Select
App startingWorking in Background
CrossPrecision Select
HandLink Select
HelpHelp Select
IBeamText Select
Wait cursorBusy

Fail with timeout error

If OFF, waits without time limit.

If ON, specifies seconds as time limit.

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