Download from web Action(Power Automate Desktop)

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This action downloads or stores a file or text at a specified URL in a variable.

This action does not require a browser launch action.

How to use

Drag "Download from web" from "HTTP" under "Actions".

Set parameters.



Specifies the target URL.

If parameters are specified in the GET method, they are also specified here.

The sample URL below is used for testing.

The system just displays the parameters as they are in text.


Select how to specify parameters.


parameters in the URL.

Example URL.

The parameter "no" is set to a value of "10" and the parameter "name" is set to a value of "Test".


Specify parameters in the Data table.

The Data table contains parameter names in the first column and values in the second column.

The parameter "no" is set to a value of "10" and the parameter "name" is set to a value of "Test".

Save response

Choose whether to store the results in a variable or save them as a file.

  • Get text into variable (for web pages)
  • Save to disk (for web pages)

If a file, also specify the destination.

Connection Timeout

Specifies the number of seconds before the connection is interrupted.

If the default setting of 30 seconds fails, consider increasing it.

Follow redirection

Specifies whether or not to follow redirects when the access destination redirects.

In most cases, ON is fine.

Clear cookies

In most cases, you can leave cookies turned off, as they are a feature that is unlikely to affect you.

User agent

This is the specification of what browsers, devices, and operating systems are visible to the web server.

Since this is a technical item and it is not advisable to change it as a matter of etiquette, it should be left in its default state.

If the administrator of the web server to which you are accessing the site asks you to change it, you can change it.


Character code. Basically, "Auto - detect" should be set, If garbled characters occur, specify the encoding.

Accept untrusted certificates

It is safer to leave it OFF.

However, if you are accessing a site that you know is secure, such as an internal server, you may turn it ON.

User credentials

If login is required, turn ON and specify user name and password.

Variables produced

Stores the result of the action


If you want to receive the results as text, this is the way to do it.

The sample URL is as follows.


If you want to download the results as a file, this is the place to do it.

The variable contains information about the downloaded file.

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