Unzip files Action(Power Automate Desktop)

Japanese version.

This action decompresses (unzips) ZIP files.

ZIP files with passwords can also be extracted.

How to use

Drag "Unzip files" from "Compression" under "Actions".

Set parameters.


Archive path

Specifies the path or file variable of the archive file to be decompressed.

Destination folder

Specify the destination folder for decompression by path text or folder variable.


Specify a password. If no password is specified, decompression is performed without a password.

Include mask/exclude mask

Specify the file name to be included in the destination for "Include mask".
Specify the file name not to be included in the destination in "Exclude mask".

Multiple specifications can be specified with ; (semicolon) and regular expressions can be used.

There is a wide variety of regular expressions, but the most commonly used are as follows

*All files.
Test*A file whose name begins with "Test".
Test*.xlsxAn Excel file whose name begins with "Test".
*.xlsxExcel file.
*Test*A file that contains "Test" in its name.
Test.xlsxA file with the name "Test.xlsx".

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