Take screenshot Action(Power Automate Desktop)


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This action takes a screenshot of the screen (full screen or main display or designated display or foreground display) and saves it to a file or clipboard.

How to use

Drag "Take screenshot" from "Workstation" under "Actions".

Set parameters.



Specify the target for capturing.

Most of the items are meaningless unless you have multiple displays.

  • All screens
  • Primary screen
  • Select screen
  • Foreground window
All screens

Obtains a capture of the entire screen.

In the case of multi-display, all displays are targeted.

Primary screen

Captures the display set as the main display.

Select screen

Specify the screen with a numerical value. Numerical values are from the Windows display settings.

Foreground window

The window that is in focus (foreground). This option only applies to windows, not to the entire screen.

Also, if you have not changed the focus target by any action, Power Automate Desktop will be the target. Power Automate Desktop will be the target of the capture.

Save screenshot to


Saves captured images to the clipboard.

Currently, there is no action to paste, Click or focus action to select the paste destination, "Send Keys" to send {LControlKey}(v) . (This is a shortcut execution of Ctrl+V)


Saves the image to a file.

Specify the destination path and the format of the image additionally.

The format depends on the application, but major JPG or PNG is a safe choice.

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