COUNTBLANK Function. Get the number of blanks.(Microsoft Excel)


Japanese version.

This function gets the number of blanks in a specified cell range.

This function is the reverse of the COUNTA function. (There are some differences in the way it works.)

How it works

rangeRequired field.Specify the cell range from which to obtain the number of blanks.


Only count the number of blank cells from within a cell range.

Blank strings are also counted.

In this case, the COUNTA function counts as well, so COUNTA function also counts in this case, so it is not completely reversed.


Spill when using the BYROW or BYCOL function.

Row direction
Column direction



Count of multiple values or cell ranges.

COUNTHighCount of multiple values or cell ranges.
COUNTAHighGet the number of non-blanks.
COUNTBLANKMiddleGet the number of blanks.
COUNTIFMiddleGet the number of cells matching the search criteria.
COUNTIFSHighGet the number of rows that match multiple criteria.

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