Write to CSV file Action(Power Automate Desktop)

Japanese version.

This action writes the contents of a variable (mainly a Data table) to a CSV file.

It supports not only CSV, but also TSV and arbitrary delimited files.

How to use.

Write to CSV file Action from File onto the workspace.

Set parameters.


Value to write

Specifies the value to be written. Mainly specifies data tables.

File path

Specify the CSV file to be written.

If the file may already exist in the specified path, it is also useful to check for its exists and deal with it.


Specifies the character code of the text to be written.

For SJIS, specify the value specified by the system.

Include column names

Turn ON if you also want to write the column names of the Data table.

If file exists

If a file with the same name already exists, choose whether to replace it or append to it.


Selects the delimiter character.

Use custom columns delimiter

Set to ON if there is no appropriate character for the delimiter, Specify any delimiter for the custom column delimiter.



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