Execute SQL Statement Action(Power Automate Desktop)

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An action that executes SQL to perform an operation.

It mainly performs operations on databases connected by the "Open SQL Connection" action, but if only one SQL is needed, this action alone can achieve this.

How to use

Drag "Execute SQL Statement" from "Database" under "Actions".

Set parameters.


Get connection by

Specify the database connection method.

  • Connection string
  • SQL connection variable

After entering the required information and clicking the OK button, a connection string is generated.

This connection string can be reused by copying and pasting.

Connection string

This is a method of connecting without using the "Open SQL Connection" action.

This is suitable when there is only one SQL to execute.

Since it is difficult to set the connection string by key entry, the data link property is used.

Since this setting requires expertise advice from your system administrator or others.

SQL connection variable

This is a method of connecting using the "Open SQL Connection" action.

This method is suitable for multiple SQL executions against the same database.

In this case, the "SQL Connection" parameter is the Variables produced by the "Open SQL Connection" action.

If you connect with this setting, you must terminate the connection with the "Close SQL connection" action when you are finished using the database.

SQL Statement

Specify the SQL to be executed.

SQL requires specialized knowledge and may overload the database, so seek the advice of your system administrator or others whenever possible.


Specify the number of seconds to wait for SQL execution.

For time-consuming SQL, set a longer timeout.

Variables produced


The results of the SQL execution are stored in the Variables produced in Data table format.

The column name in the database or the alias given in the AS statement becomes the column name as it is.

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