Run DOS Command Action(Power Automate Desktop)

Japanese version.

This action executes a DOS command or console application in hidden mode and retrieves the result.

It is more difficult to use because it requires some technical knowledge.

How to use

Drag "Run DOS Command" from "Scripting" under "Actions".

Set parameters.


DOS command or application / Working folder

Specify the command to execute and the working folder (current directory at execution).

For console applications, this may be followed by help or other information.

Change code page

Turn ON to change the character encoding of the results from UTF-8.

Variables produced


The resulting string from the command application is stored.

This variable corresponds to the standard output.

The character code is changed by "Change code page".


If the command application fails, the error message is stored.

The character code is changed by "Change code page".


This is the numeric value of the exit code.

In most cases, 0 means normal termination, while others mean abnormal termination, It depends on the application.

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