max. Math Function.(Power Automate Cloud flows)


Japanese version.

Get the maximum value among the specified numbers.


max(<number1>, <number2> ~ <numberN>)
numberNRequired fieldTarget number or array of numbers.

How to use

In most cases, it is used in the "Value" when "Initialize variable" or "Set variable" of type "Integer" or "Float".

Click on the "Expressions" tab, max, and the function name and () will be set in the formula field.

Specify numeric values as arguments, separated by commas.

If you want to use dynamic contents or variables, specify them specially.

(How to get dynamic content with an expression)

If you see something like the following, your settings are complete.

Click on the purple icon to change the function.

Examples of arguments and results


For example, max(100,50,300,200,150) results in 300.


Arrays can also be specified as arguments.

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Math Functions

Examples of Use

How to get the count, sum, average, maximum, and minimum of numbers in an array.