dayOfYear function(Power Automate Cloud flows)

Japanese version.

Gets the number of days in the year for a given date and time.


timestampRequired fieldSpecify the date and time of the retrieval source.

How to use

In most cases, it is used in the "value" when initializing or setting variables of type "string".

Click on the "Expression" tab, dayOfYear, and the function name and () will be set in the expression field.

Specify the date of the extraction source as an argument.

If you want to use dynamic content or variables, the ,delimiter is the same.

(How to get dynamic content with expressions.)

Click on the OK button, and if the display looks like the following, the setting is complete.

You can change the function by clicking this purple icon.

For dayOfYear('2022-05-15'), 135 is the result.



Date and time Functions(Power Automate Cloud flows)