Encrypt from file with AES Action(Power Automate Desktop)

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This action encrypts the contents of a text file with the private key method AES.

It is the counterpart of the "Decrypt file with AES" action.

This action is used when highly confidential information is exchanged via e-mail, etc.

How to use

Drag "Encrypt from file with AES" under "Cryptography".

Set parameters.



Select the character encoding for encryption.

File to encrypt

Specify the file to be encrypted.

Click on the file icon and specify a fixed file path, or file information variable.

Encryption Key

Specifie the password for decryption.


In Advanced, you specify the strength of the encryption.

Basically, the higher the strength, the longer the encryption and compounding takes, the more time and effort required, and the less convenient it is.

It is necessary to consider the level of strength according to the importance of the encryption target.

Consult with the system administrator or security personnel to determine how high the strength should be.

If there is no system administrator or security personnel in the environment, there is no need to use the detailed parameter items.


Specifies the padding (characters to be filled in) when there is a space in the result of encryption.

None" and "Zeros" are low-strength, others are high-strength.

Key size

The larger the number of bits, the higher the strength.

Use salt / Use initialization vector

When used, generates a "Salt" and "Initialization vector".

Both are required for decryption.

You can use both or only one of them.

The intensity is higher when both are used.

Both have additional items when turned on,
Increasing the value increases the intensity.

Variables produced

Stores the result of the execution of the action.


The text of the encrypted result is stored.


Salt is stored if salt is used.

It is needed for decryption.


If an initialization vector is used, the initialization vector is stored.

It is needed for decryption.

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