Basic operations.(Microsoft Excel Office Scripts)


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This section introduces the basic operations of Office scripts.

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Create a new Script.

Click on "Automate," then "New Script".

A new script will be added.

In the case of macros, they were saved per book, but in the case of

Office scripts are saved in a separate file.

Therefore, Office scripts saved in other books can be used without modification.

Select and Edit Script.

Click on "Automate," then "All Scripts".

From the "Code Editor", click on "Edit script" for the script you wish to open.

Script opens ready for editing.

Run Script.

Click on "Automate," then "All Scripts".

Click "Run" from the menu of the script you wish to run.

Or click "Run" on the "Script Details" screen.

Save Script.

Click "Save script" on the "Script Details" screen.

However, scripts are automatically saved periodically, so there is little need to click on this button.

Change Script name.

Click Script name on the "Script Details" screen.

State to change the script name.

Change Script description.

The "Description" field is optional and may be left blank, but should be filled in with a brief description of the script or other information.

Click on "Automate," then "All Scripts".

On the "Code Editor" screen, select the name of the script whose description you wish to edit.

Click "Enter script description" to make it editable.

Settings from the menu.(Share, delete, rename, copy, etc.)

The following operations can be performed by displaying the target script's menu from the code editor.

RunRun script.
EditEdit script.
ShareBy default, only the user who created the script can use it.
This operation makes the script available to other users who can open the book.
DeleteDelete script.
RenameRename script.
Save script asCopy script.
Automate a taskCreate a Power Automate Flow that run this script.
Add ButtonAdd a button to the worksheet to run the script.
DetailsOpen details Here you can edit the description and other details.

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