Cut, Copy and Paste.(Microsoft Excel)

English version.

Cell input data and formatting can be copied and cut.


Cut / Copy

Select a range of cells and choose "Cut" or "Copy" from "Home".

If you select "Copy as Picture", the cells will be copied as image objects.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts.


The same operation can be performed by right-clicking on a cell.


Select a cell or range of cells and choose "Paste" from "Home".

You can also use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl]+[V] to paste.

This way, all formulas and formatting in the cell will be pasted.

Paste Special

The format can be selected from the Paste menu.

Even after you have already pasted, you can reselect the format in the Paste option.

Difference between formulas and values.

Copy C1 cell.
Value paste into C2 cell.
Formula paste into C2 cell.


Perform the selected calculation rather than overwriting it by pasting.

For example, in the worksheet below, copy C3 to E3 and perform an Add paste on C4 to E4.

Copy cells C3 to E3.
Add paste on C4 to E4

Skip blanks

If checked, paste ignores the formatting of cells with no data.

Paste link

Paste the formula that references the copy source.


The vertical and horizontal sides of the pasted area are swapped.

Copy cells A1 to C3.
Trancepose paste into cell E1.

Use the TRANSPOSE function if you want to perform matrix conversion by Paste link.



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