Get last error(Power Automate Desktop)

Japanese version.

If the flow continues even though multiple errors have occurred, This action retrieves information about the last error that has occurred.

How to use

From "Flow Controls" under "Actions," drag Drag "Get last error".

Set Parameters.

In the sample flow, errors occur on lines 3 and 4, but continue.
Line 6, "Get last error" obtains error information for line 4, the last error.


Store into

Specify the name of the variable to store error information.

Clear error

Specifies whether error information is reset when this action is executed.

For example, if two "Get Last Error" actions are placed in succession, the second action will show no error if checked, and both will show the same error information if unchecked.
Since there are few situations in which it is beneficial to get the same error information, it is recommended that this action be turned on when multiple actions are installed.



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