Display select folder dialog Action(Power Automate Desktop)

Japanese version.

This action is used when the user is asked to specify a folder.

How to use

Drag Display select folder dialog Action from the Message Boxes to the Workspace.

Set parameters.


Dialog description

Specifies a text.

Initial folder

Specify the folder to be displayed when the dialog is opened, either by folder path (text) or by folder info variable.
If not specified, it will be the document folder or the previously opened folder.

Keep folder section dialog always on top

If ON, it will always be displayed.

Turning it OFF hides it behind other windows.

Turning it ON is probably easier to use in many cases.

Variables produced


The information of the folder selected in the dialog is stored.

If the "Cancel" button is clicked, it will be empty even if selected.


The clicked button is stored.

Button pressedvalue

On error

Error handling if necessary.



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